When my daughter had 2 years old she took a music magazine from my hands search through it and said “There is no Daddy”.

I needed to do something about it!

go.at is the answer for above mentioned event – rock music project driven by Piotr “goat” “kozioł” Kozłowski (music, lyrics, guitar, vocal, production) is just days before publishing debut album recorded with Bartosz Wojciechowski (drums) and Sebastian SEB Kucharski (bass, synths). 

In February 2017 “miasto-z” first video single was published, in the end of March next one – “shaping stone“. Songs finally won’t be a part of “to have a” but got published in the end of the year in limited “single” with hand painted cover “bite me demo”.

All songs were recoreded (2014-2017), mixed and mastered by Damian “Fons” Biernacki (Demontażownia).

In August 2017 project was left by SEB, his place was taken until August 2018 by Wojciech Karasiński, and from this date the band was: Piotr “goat” “kozioł” Kozłowski, Bartosz Wojciechowski, Rafał “Dudek” Dudziński (guitar), Rafał Mądzik (bass).

On 2nd December first single from debut album “to have a” was released –approach“.

On 3rd November we won 1st place on Ost-Rock Underground Fest contest playing with finalists: Oil Stain, Józef Ost.

“to have a” – long play debut album was self-published 25th of January, short time earlier kozioł shut down the band getting back to the roots – project formula…

Long play “to have a” is a nod to 90’s music characterized by simple and easy and catchy melodies.

It’s an individual reflection on life… like world’s life digitalization which displace normal – interpersonal relations, passing, the neccesity of migration, the feeling of long autumn and winter in Poland, an attempt to find your own everyday place …

“To have a” is also proof that ordinary situations just happen – the first lines of drums were recorded in the studio without previous attempts in 2014, and subsequent visits were rolled out in time as a result of one million one hundred and three hundred and eighty three events (approximately).